10 Reasons NOT to Come to Highview

We love visitors of all races, classes, and religious backgrounds. But this
Christian church in Fairfax, Northern Virginia isn’t for everybody. So we provide
the checklist below to save some folks the trouble of making the trip.

You probably won’t
feel at home at Highview
if you check off more than three:

1. You prefer a quiet, contemplative service to electric,
all-out, arm-waving, passionate praise of God.
2. You are sure the Bible could not possibly hold wisdom, guidance,
and inspiration beyond superficial interpretations you may have grown up with.
3. You find reality TV deeply satisfying.
4. Your job and possessions provide all the sense of identity you need.
5. You aren’t open to the possibility that serving others could help
get your own life on track.
6. A commitment to personal holiness feels old fashioned.  
7. You are only comfortable where everyone else is dressed casually.
Most of us dress up to show how thrilled we are God gave us life. But some of our young people are still doing the baggy pants thing. And you are welcome to wear whatever you want.
8.Your ego is easily threatened by high standards.  
9. You personally can appreciate that praise dancers glorify God with every cell of their bodies, but your enjoyment is dampened by fear that someone else may be having an impure thought.  

10. You are concerned about what your friends would think.


And 10 Reasons  TO come …

1. We’ll encourage you in a closer walk with God in a 24/7 community of love, support, and empowerment.
2. We laugh a lot … and it’s usually at ourselves.
3. We are absolutely committed to following the example of Jesus in our lives and doing what it takes to serve Him.
4. We think you’ll find us surprisingly free of the hypocrisy, judgmentalism,
shame, complacency, or money focus you may associate with traditional
religion. And we love each other when we slip up.
5. Our pastor’s sermons offer something for everyone. From high-end
humor to down-and-dirty street talk—and it all challenges us to
behave more like Christ on Monday morning.
6. Our ministries can support you in being a better parent, spouse,
or community member as well as a better Christian.
7.When you’re ready to move beyond questing for self fulfillment,
we offer the time-tested, Biblical recipe for oneness with God and others.
And we top "anything goes" moral relativism with a sure standard
of right and wrong that is tempered by forgiveness, forebearance, and
1 Corinthians 10:23.

8. You can be your authentic self here. Disagree, mess up, or wear
purple if you want. But you may find less need to stand out as you learn
the joys of teamwork for God.

9. In terms of what the world calls diversity, the church has been historically
Black. But we’ve got a few members of other races who say they know a
good thing when they see it. And we’d be happy to have more.
10. Once you’ve heard the voice inside that calls you to a jucier life
and a peace that surpasses understanding, you’re the kind of person who
won’t let anything get in your way of claiming it.

If you’re still not sure, come check us out. We’ll welcome you gently. And
our praise music is world class.