A Church for those with an MBA

–that’s Mop Bucket AttitudeBishop Thomas of Highview Christian Fellowship, Falls Church, VA

In some churches you can sit in back for years without growing closer to God. At Highview Christian Fellowship church in Fairfax Virginia, we make that hard to do. Besides sharing jubilant praise with you on Sunday, we will encourage you to pick up your mop and do, with excellence, whatever God shows you that needs to be done for yourself, your family, your church, and your community—to His greater glory—the rest of the week.

We kept the name “Highview” when we moved from the historically Black, African American neighborhood of Highview Park in Arlington, because holding the high view is what we do. There’s no sense hanging out in the valley when we can set our sights on God’s loving vision for our highest good.

Today we draw people of all races and backgrounds from throughout the region. Whether you join us just for praise, to lend a hand, become part of one of our ministries, or to be lovingly challenged and embraced in your commitment to a life guided by Jesus, we promise to keep pointing to higher and higher views of your limitless possibilities in Him.

Bishop Philip O. Thomas

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