Pastor’s Message

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Welcome, welcome, welcome!,

It is our sincere pleasure to share with you the ministry of Highview CF.
We exist to serve you and our community in Northern Virginia with several key goals in mind.

Our primary goal is to share the good news of the Gospel message, as we preach and teach God’s word. But also we strive to provide a reliable compass that will allow you to face the issues of our time with proven methods to insure a richer and fuller life and lasting positive change.

  • We exist to assist you in overcoming the challenges of addictions through the power of God.
  • Our ministry is poised and ready to equip you with tools for better parenting and more meaningful marital relationships.
  • We are committed to teaching and equipping those who have been burdened with financial mismanagement issues that have contributed to the forfeiture of a life of peace and stability.

God’s Word truly does have a solution to every one of life’s challenges. And we his people look forward to presenting those solutions to you in a nontraditional, non judgmental community atmosphere of love and inclusion. I’d like to personally invite you to enjoy a church where every one is considered special, because you are special in the eyes of our creator.
Come check us out. You’ll be glad you did!

Serving a Mighty God,

Bishop Phillip O. Thomas
Senior Pastor