Why I Love Highview

Flat out: The teaching pulls straight out of the Word and makes it applicable to my life.
Olga Lloyde, District Heights Maryland

Pastor Thomas is a treasure who loves people and goes out of his way for them. He sees something good in everyone and knows how to bring it out.
Angie Lucky, Centerville Virginia

I have true love for Highview. When I first gave my testimony in this church about being out of prison, everybody didn’t start moving over to the other side of the aisle. I felt surrounded with support by the loving people here. Bishop Thomas has been like a father to me; he has given me new hope and a new life. And now I can be thankful that I’ve lived to see my oldest son graduate from college.
Brother Lucky, Centerville Virginia

I’ve been a Catholic, a Buddhist, and a Religious Scientist, and I’m still grateful for what each of those gave me. But here at Highview I get to share in passionate, ecstatic praise that opens my heart to the presence of God. I have also been able to revisit the Bible from a deeper perspective, and to benefit from the example of a Pastor who can hold the high view in his heart while rolling up his sleeves to do whatever needs to be done in the here and now.
Teri Murphy, Arlington, Virginia