Meet our leaders.

See bottom of page for ministry descriptions. Click image right for org chart.

Bishop Phillip O Thomas, Senior Pastor

Min Eric Ford, Executive Assistant to Pastor, Acting

Elder Demond Sweet, Director of Church Ministries

Felloswhip Ministries

  • Men’s Ministry
    Bishop Thomas

  • Young Adult Ministry
    Min Eric Ford (Acting)

  • Youth Ministry
    Min Deon Patton

  • Women’s Ministry
    Min Francis Breedlove

  • Senior Adult Ministry
    Min Pamela Hairston

  • Highview Go
    Min Dietra Jones

  • Culinary

  • Health & Wellness
    Min Christine Coulter

  • Couples
    Bishop and Lady Thomas

Christian Education

  • Sunday School Superintendent
    Min Cathy Collins
  • Ministers Development Institute
    Bishop Thomas

  • New Member Orientation
    Min Christine Coulter
  • Children’s Church
    Min Deon Patton

  • Pastoral Bible Study
    Bishop Thomas

Music/Arts Ministry

  • Music Director
  • Worship Team Leader
    Min Deon Patton
  • Director Youth Mass
    Jasmine Miner
  • Dance Mnistry
  • Drama Ministry
    Min Shawntal Miner

Outreach Ministries

  • Hermandad Christiana Altavista
  • Overcomers
  • Nursing Home & Convalescent
    Min Cathy Pitman
  • Harvest House
  • Prison
  • Benevolent Services

  • HR Ministry


  • Church Admin
    Deacon Susan Wannall
  • Correspondence Secretary
  • Events Coordinator
    Donna Wyatt
  • Marketing & Assimilation
    Rev E George
    Rev K George

  • Website Administrator
    Teri Murphy
  • Church Clerk
    Sheila Norris

Support Ministries

  • Facilities
  • Multimedia
    Anita Marion
  • Finance
    Evelyn Baldwin
  • Nusrery Ministry
    Min Kathy Pittman
  • Security Officer
    Tiffany Thrasher
  • Transportation
    Deacon Charles Baldwin
  • Ushers
    Tiffany Thrasher

  • IT Ministry
  • Pastor’s Aide
    Nina Holder



Ministry Descriptions

The ministry leaders embrace excellence and everything we do is for God’s
Glory. Therefore, we are continuously developing our gifts and talents in order to
“Provide world-class ministry deserving of an awesome God”
– Timothy 2:2. Our leaders are expected to be “Called, Competent, Committed
and Connected”.

Provides clerical and administrative support to the Senior Pastor and ministries
as deemed necessary. The administrative support is comprised of the following:
executive assistant to the senior pastor, church clerk, correspondence secretary,
and newsletter editor.

This ministry provides carefully structured programs and activities to stimulate
spiritual growth and cultural development. The primary focus is to develop better followers
of Jesus Christ among our elementary to middle school students. This ministry also
provides a spiritual training curriculum through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School,
and church-related activities to encourage children ages 4-11 to explore and learn about
their individual spirituality.

This ministry is designed to challenge and meet the needs of adolescents
ages 13-20, with special emphasis on discipleship, spiritual growth, fellowship and
worship through the support of teen Counselors. Our trained teen counselors also
serve as mentors to prepare teens for spiritual and social transition from childhood
into adulthood.

Children’s Church
This ministry offers excellent training and learning opportunities to children
ages 4-11 in their age appropriate setting simultaneously with regular worship service.
Children are taught Biblical truths, encouraged to study the bible on their
own, and participate in activities, which enhance their knowledge and Christian
growth and encourage them to become disciples.

Christian Education
Provides a learning environment that stimulates and enhances the knowledge
and interpretation of the living Word, thus promoting Christian growth, development,
and service. Classes are offered to children, teens and
adults and are designed to present a challenging and comprehensive look
at God’s Word and demonstrate way to implement God’s Word in our daily living.
Summer vacation bible school and the annual church picnic are also administered
under this ministry.

Computer Automation
Provides technical skills and assistance in support of the church’s
computer automated systems.

The deacon ministry supports the pastor in addressing the needs of the congregation.
As a liaison between the members and the ministerial staff, the deacons operate
primarily as care group leaders. They provide aid to individuals and families
through focusing primarily on spiritual counseling and assistance to persons
experiencing possible struggles or concerns in various areas of life, such
as bereavement, family and person crisis, health issues and emergencies, i.e.,
provides financial counseling for the purpose of practicing good stewardship
and tithing for the furtherance of the ministry. This ministry is also responsible
for membership retention and conducting in-home visitations, and visits to
hospitals and nursing homes in order to minister to those who are unable to
worship in a corporate setting, and baptismal.

Liturgical Dance Ministry
This ministry’s use of
interpretive movement tell stories about the good news of Jesus Christ and
other Biblical truths. Worship is also demonstrated through the interpretation
of dance, which introduces the congregation to various styles of dance worship.

Events Coordination
The events coordination ministry’s primary function is to act as liaison between the members and the community to ensure proper planning and execution of events.

Finance Ministry
The finance ministry ensures that all funds are collected and distributed in
an efficient and effective manner, with particular attention to accountability
and responsibility. This ministry also administers the duties of the business

This ministry is comprised of helpers who coordinate, prepare and serve meals
and set-up and clean up for church services, including, but not limited to
meals for visiting churches, breakfasts, receptions, repast and other events
as necessary.

Under the close guidance and leadership of the Senior Pastor and an appointed
ministry leader, men are equipped to grow into the fullness of Christ by building
accountable relationships among each other, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
study the Bible, pray and serve as God calls. Fellowship held the first Friday
of the month provides a confidential atmosphere where men can bear their burdens
and get Biblical answers to their deepest questions. This ministry also provides
opportunities for men to have fun and fellowship together, but most importantly,
come together around God’s Word to feed and to grow. The ministry also
hosts conferences and retreats annually and an annual men’s day.

This ministry is primarily involved in the distribution of food baskets at
Thanksgiving and Christmas, the distribution of toys, and conducts in-home
visits, visits to nursing homes and hospitals and other assistance deemed
necessary by the Pastor. This ministry is under the guidance of the Outreach

This ministry records through various mediums (audio and video) church programs
and services. Sound techs and multi-media are essential to quality sound and
providing a visual aid and enhancement to our congregation. Several hours
are required by the techs for set up and dry runs to ensure the equipment
is ready before the services. Recordings are made of applicable services and
made available to the public, as well as being offered to the sick and shut-in.
This ministry is also responsible for marketing various church items, overseeing
the radio broadcast ministry and maintaining archival references of messages.

Provide the musical (vocal and instrumental) worship and leads the congregation
in passionate praise and worship by proclaiming His glory with a joyful noise.
The music ministry is comprised of the following: children’s choir,
youth choir, B.A.S.I.C. – Brothers and Sisters In Christ, mass choir
men’s choir, and praise team. The music ranges from the most contemporary
and inspirational to the traditional hymns of the church.

New Member Orientation
Newcomers to our church family are acclimated into a caring and nurturing
environment when they attend New Members Class. New member classes are held on the third Saturday of each month. Members are given much needed information about the church’s doctrine
and beliefs and are afforded the opportunity to express themselves on a number
of spiritual and Biblical topics in an informal setting. This ministry has
become a vital ministry because it offers new members an excellent “first
step” into service in our church and encourages the utilization of their
spiritual gifts as soon as possible.

This ministry accommodates infants and children up to age 4 during the regular
worship and other services by capable and responsible volunteers and child care providers.

This ministry supports the membership and outsiders through its efforts to
reach the spiritual lost and the needy within and outside the walls of the
church. This ministry also conducts street ministry and prison fellowship.

Pastor’s Aid
This ministry serves as a caretaker for the senior pastor by contributing,
financial, social, and spiritual representation and support.

Desktop Publishing
Responsible for keeping the members and public in general apprised of church
functions and activities through the high performance of developing brochures,
flyers, and informational packets, and to disseminate information essential
to the success of the church’s programs, using various media. Website administration
is also provided under this ministry.

Provides transportation to various activities and church services, and outside
sources on a contractual basis. Transportation is made available to the general
congregation for both local and out-of-town visits.

It is the vision of the Senior Pastor and the responsibility of the ministry
leader to ensure that each usher represents God’s heart to anyone entering
the sanctuary; to make each person he/she has contact with feel “special”,
welcome and comfortable whether a member or guest. There is currently only
an adult team, however it is anticipated that youth will be utilized in the

This ministry provides a supportive environment where women can experience
nurturing relationships; participate in service, while sharing in the life-changing
message of Christ. A council of devoted and spiritual women is charged with
the task of overseeing to the spiritual and physical needs of the female member
population. The Heart-to-Heart ministry, under the guidance of the Council,
serves as a liaison to ensure that the needs of the women are met and that
no one feels advertently ignored or neglected. For those women who need a
night for themselves, the ministry host monthly fellowship every 3rd Friday
to testify, draw strength from one another and find answers to life’s
challenges, and turmoil and corporately study the word of God. The ministry
also celebrates annual women’s day, retreats and conferences.

Prison Fellowship
The “LifeSavers” program, under the guidance of the Mark of Excellence
Community Outreach Center, is a female ministry that provides counseling and
services to incarcerated women. The Outreach Ministry is responsible for incarcerated

The “Overcomers” program provides group and individual counseling
and services to men and women who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions.