Books To Purchase

bishop_seeker.jpg The Bishop & The Seeker
Reach seekers with some unexpected truths about the Bible via this book co-authored by Bishop Thomas and Teri Murphy, and is available in print from our store. Price includes tax and shipping.
bookcover.jpg Book; Cracking Your Church's Culture
During our September Leadership Session, Bishop Thomas mentioned the book Cracking Church Culture by Samuel Chand, and asked for all leaders to purchase and read it before our November Leadership Session. For your convenience, we have acquired some books for you to purchase! To purchase your copy, click here. Be sure to include your contact information so that Min. Dietra Jones is notified of your purchase. Further, you may reach her at either the church office, 703-323-6367, or her email,, to coordinate delivery. There is much God wants to do with us, so let's gain as much insight and wisdom as possible, and continue this journey of “Providing World Class Ministry Deserving of an Awesome God.”